Angels Who Made My Album Possible

Angels Who Made My Album Possible

Reminiscing my album launch last Saturday, I cannot help but be thankful of the people who have made my album a reality.

I am appreciative of everyone who supported in various ways from sharing and downloading my album to those who helped with the production.
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1. CityWorship

CityWorship is where I found my calling in music and hone my skills. When I first started as a 14-years-old boy, my diction was all over the place, my singing has no control but one thing for sure, my passion burns bright and strong. My mentors taught me more than just singing. They demonstrated that singing has a greater purpose, to connect with people and impact lives.


2. Partners

No man is an island and this album would not be possible without my partners. My producer, Jusuf Winardi from Jtones Music Production, who brought my songs to life, my vocal guide, Sherlyn Chia from The Singing Loft, who helped me in my vocal preparation, and my awesome visual team like Kezia Yee, Yeh Yuze, Brian Neo, Bryan Lee, Joshua Pwee, Kenneth Lee and Daniel Ho who made my album look so good! 

Timbre Music who has kindly offered to be the venue sponsor for my launch and Audio Technica team for assisting me in my choice of recording microphone. City Radio, The Ink RoomPower 98 FM, Starbucks, Mig me, Horus Music, Starker Music and many more for promoting my album.
3. Family Friends Fans

The road traveled would be rather lonely without my family, friends and fans. My family has been my pillar of support and motivation. When the going gets tough, family's encouragement gets you going.

You know who your friends are when you need help the most. I'm grateful to find many who volunteered to help and find whatever ways they can to support me and my music. And to all my fans, I can't be doing what I love today without your support!
4. God
As cliche as it may sound, my greatest gratitude is unto God. Throughout the album journey, I have seen God coming through in the most amazing ways. Before I officially released my album digitally, I took my guitar, shut my room door and worshiped God. At the end of the day, everything that we do should give glory to God.
It might be a long way before I have my platinum album or hit a million subscribers on YouTube but as long as my music is impacting one person's life, I will keep on going.


Thank you everyone for your love and support. They mean a lot to me. Come join the Rich movement to encourage people to #LiveRichGiveLove. The world needs more compassion and it can start with you and me. God bless!

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