Let The Countdown Begins - 26 Nov Album Launch

Let The Countdown Begins - 26 Nov Album Launch

Welcome to my official website where I rant about music and things that I love like travel, technology, food and events. First thing to rant about is my long awaiting Rich Album Launch on 26 Nov 2016 5-7pm atĀ Barber Shop by Timbre.

Yes it is a long long time coming. In fact, the audio recording was already done early this year but the photoshoot, music video and marketing stuff has been enormous work.

Since it is my first post, I shall keep it short and to the point. I will embark on a 25 days countdown to my album launch with many exciting things on my social media and this website. So remember to subscribe and follow me on my socials for all the fun stuff. Have a great day!

Get my album on iTunesĀ here.

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